donderdag 10 september 2009

Adding verses to the Bible

Last Sunday in church our reverend Wigle Tamboer told a story about how the verses came into the Bible. I already knew that the Bible that the church in the first centuries had, didn't contain chapters and verses, but I didn't know how and when they were added.
Then on Sunday Wigle Tamboer said that someone travelled on a horse-back and wrote numbers in between the text (the chapters were already added before). He explained that because of the horse riding, sometimes the numbers were written at the wrong spot.
I thought that it was a nice story, but couldn't really believe it.

Until...... last night I read an article by Frank Viola (I already twittered about it). And to my surprise he described the same thing as Wigle Tamboer on Sunday!! It's not a joke! I thought it was, because I couldn't believe that anyone would be so careless as to add verses "randomly" on a horseback!

Out of this action came the practice of proof-texting, using single verses to proove our doctrines. That´s a whole story in itself, that I also learned by reading Frank´s article. So, I think we should stop reading the Bible in parts, and learn what the story behind the Bible is and why people like Paul wrote what they wrote.

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